I started martial arts 24 years ago after my father passed away. I actually purchased a karate membership for my brother for his birthday in 1989. It was an activity we could do together since we spent so much time doing activities with our father. It was life changing for us both. My brother and I made each other better….more competitive than everyone else. As we progressed through the ranks I found I could make a difference and a positive impact teaching. To this day that has been my mission in life.

Make a difference.

Sensei Scott Haug Sr.


Martial Arts.

Not just a hobby…a way of life!

Our students grow physically and mentally! They earn good grades and excel in school scholastically and athletically. One of our mottos is DREAM BIG!


Don’t be Denied! A great saying…more importantly a great ATTITUDE! Work hard for your goals and dreams!

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